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Property Management Services


If you own a group of residential or commercial condominiums, you know how hard it is to keep your properties well maintained. From landscaping and snow removal to building repairs and electrical work, there’s a lot to account for—and a lot of service providers to sort through. If you’re in the market for a dedicated Maryland property management services company, look no further. At Residential Realty Group, we’ve been helping property owners in and around the Baltimore area for more than 45 years. We’re talking hundreds of clients, from small business parks to large condo communities.

 In addition to the extensive services we provide for HOAs and condo associations, we also offer dedicated property-management services for both commercial and residential condominiums. Some of the services we offer include:

  •  Building repairs
  •  Landscaping
  •  Utility services
  •  Accounting
  •  Maintaining legal documents
  •  Emergency services
  •  Janitorial
  •  Audits
  •  Solicitation of bids
  •  Inspections (when applicable)
  •  Snow removal
  •  Extermination

 Looking for something different? Just ask us! Chances are we can help.

 For select clients, we also offer snowbird and vacant-home management. Say you own a condo in Maryland but spend the winter months at your condo in Florida (who can blame you?). We’ll come in and do a monthly “checkup” on your unit: look for leaks or frozen pipes; make sure the smoke detectors are working properly; run the water; and even flush the toilets.

 What can we say? We’re very dedicated.

 Unlike the work we do for HOAs and condo associations, which requires working directly with the community’s board, our property management services only require an agreement with the individual owner. By taking care of your unit, you’re not just staying in good standing with your neighbors; you’re improving your property’s value for whenever you decide to sell it. 

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Are there other Maryland property management services companies out there? Yes. But few—if any—can match our combination of knowledge and professionalism.

Together, the team at RRG touts more than a century of combined experience. Most of our executives have been with us for at least 15 years. Why does that matter? It means we know how to build relationships—and keep them. When we work with you, we’re in it for the long haul.

A lot of property-management companies just want your business, only to fall short when you really need them. That’s not how we do things. At RRG, commitment to service is in our DNA. We pay attention to the smallest details. We follow up to make sure a job gets done right.

We might not be the biggest property management company around, but we firmly believe that we’re the best. We’ve been doing this for nearly 50 years. That means something. Even if we always have our eyes on the next 50 years.

So if you’re looking for a Maryland property management services company—one you not only call on, but count on—drop us a line. We promise you won’t regret it.